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About The Company

J&M Hosting is a privately held company established in 2002 by two friends looking to provide better and more personalized service than what they both had been receiving by their previous hosts. Today, J&M Hosting has one sole CEO, Mitchell Shults, from Detroit Michigan USA, who has as much passion to realize that vision than the day the company was created. J&M Hosting strives to provide customers with the best support and service possible. We pride our self in keeping the company small so that we can establish personal relationships with most of our clients. We like to go above and beyond to provide assistance to any client that has any type of problem personally rather than sending you to some Knowledge Base or some automated reply.

We have a passion in hosting and websites which is why we are still operating today. J&M Hosting cares about your website and it's availability as much as you do as we utilize our own services for many of our sites. We maintain all servers to ensure their security for your and our interest. J&M does not oversell any of our servers. We provide real service with access to our CEO and support staff at anytime for support which most of our competitors cannot say.

img_10J&M Hosting's CEO is an accredited system administrator, web master, and computer programmer with over 20 years of experience. Today he also operates several high traffic communties - on J&M's servers of course. He also has assisted in the open source community.

Network Information

img_03J&M Hosting is not a reseller. We maintain and run our own webservers from well respected data centers. All of our servers are connected via multiple 10-Gigabit/Gigabit Ethernet transit circuits from Global Crossing™, Cogent™ Communications, BTN™/PCCW™, XO™ Communications, Hurricane Electric™, & Deutsche Telekom™ with redundancy and load balancers in place. All servers operate on failsafe power supplies and within a raised floor air conditioned building. Our datacenters use only top name brand hardware and is protected from DDoS via Cisco Guard™ protection systems. All servers utilize Linux OS and have firewalls to ensure security.


Money Back Guarantee

sunWe offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with our service, we will refund your payment.


“J&M Hosting has been providing me with superb customer service for 5 years now. Whenever I have a question it is followed by a quick and accurate solution. I will forever stick with J&M Hosting for my hosting needs.”

-Justin Main,

Maintained Servers


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